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Waitua Primary School started in 1972 as an Early Childhood Centre and was later expanded to a public primary school in 1985. It is located near Kaha-ini Shopping Centre in Kandara Sub-County, Murangá County of Kenya. Currently, the school has an enrollment of 550 pupils mostly from the neighboring villages. The school does not have a boarding facility and all the pupils are day scholars.

Majority of parents are casual laborers in the neighboring coffee plantations and therefore lack resources to adequately provide the basic needs for their children.

Being a public school, Waitua is under the Ministry of Education. The government is responsible for providing teachers to the school. Currently, the current school Principal is Mr. Modesto Mungai who runs the school with the support of the school management committee comprising of parents.

Additional challenges faced currently:
i. Poor infrastructure - Classrooms have chipped floors and rough walls.
ii. The school does not have adequate toilets.

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