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Daily Mid Morning Snack and Lunch Program - Waitua Primary School, Kenya

Waitua Primary School started in 1972 as an Early Childhood Centre and was later expanded to a public primary school in 1985. It is located in Kandara Sub-County, Murangá County of Kenya. Currently, the school has 550 students, mostly from the neighboring villages. All the students are day scholars.  Majority of parents are daily wage laborers in the neighboring coffee plantations and therefore lack resources to adequately provide their children with their basic needs.  The school’s Principal is Mr. Modesto Mungai who runs the school with the support of the school management committee comprising of parents. He leads with compassion and an eye for detail and is committed to providing these children a fair chance at succeeding in life. 

The challenges that the school faced include:

i. Poor infrastructure - Classrooms with chipped floors and rough walls.

ii. Inadequate toilets.

ECC Initiatives:

- We continued our initiative of feeding 100 of the neediest children their mid morning snack and a wholesome lunch. These are kids who would otherwise go hungry the whole day.

- We provided sanitary napkins to girls who are not able to afford sanitary napkins and would otherwise face the possibility of having to miss school for a week each month during their period.

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