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Sponsor a Water Tank at St. Anne's Primary School, Kenya

St. Anne's Primary School is located in Kenol town of Murang’a County Kenya. The School is run by the Community Initiative for Self Empowerment, a non-profit making organization. Every Child Counts plans to support St Anne Kenol School with 5 plastic tanks each with a capacity of 10,000 litres. This project will cost $5000. According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health in Kenya, schools are supposed to have enough clean water for hand washing and cleaning in order to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Previously, St. Anne's Primary School did not have enough water storage tanks. The plastic tanks will be used to harvest rain water for hand washing, cooking and other uses.

Your $1,000 contribution will help install 1 water tank of 10,000 litres.

Sponsor snacks for a month at an APS school

Help us provide snacks to needy children who are in schools that are not a part of the Title 1 Program. Since the kids cannot afford to get snacks from home, they go hungry.

Your $100 contribution will sponsor snacks for a month at an APS school.

Contribute towards digging a borewell to provide clean drinking water at St. Anne's Primary School, Kenya

Currently, water is being transported to the school on the backs of donkeys every day. This is an excruciatingly difficult task and expensive as well. The school wants to dig a bore well to make it sustainable. Our stretch goal is to support them financially to dig a borewell.

Your $100 contribution will help us get closer to our final goal of $20K.

Sponsor lunch for a child for a year in Waitua Primary School, Kenya

Waitua Primary School started in 1972 as an Early Childhood Centre and was later expanded to a public primary school in 1985. It is located near Kaha-ini Shopping Centre in Kandara Sub-County, Murangá County of Kenya. Majority of parents are casual laborers in the neighboring coffee plantations and therefore lack resources to adequately provide the basic needs for their children.

Every Child Counts helped construct a permanent kitchen in 2020. Now we want to offer continuous School feeding program with 400 beneficiary children.

Your $50 contribution will feed 1 child for a year in Waitua Primary School, Kenya

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