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Kanjeru Primary School

Kanjeru Primary school is public school located in Muguga Ward, Kabete Subcounty of Kiambu County, Kenya. It was started in 1954 as a community informal school with mud structures and grew to a fully registered school in 1962. It occupies 10 acres of land and has 16 permanent classrooms, ablution, block, a hall and an administration block. The current total enrollment of the school is 627 pupils, which consist of 538 in primary, 29 in special education and 60 in ECDE. It has 17 teaching staff in primary and 3 in ECDE center.

The key challenges faced by the school were:

- Sustaining the school feeding program

- Installing an efficient cooking system

- Repairing the kitchen and installing a water tank.

- Providing educational tools to help support a special unit class.

ECC Initiatives:

- We installed energy efficient cooking systems (jikos) to help them cook everyday meals for their students.
- We repaired the kitchen’s leaky roof
- We installed a water tank that will help them, store the necessary water needed every day.

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