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Karuri Maureen Muthoni




KPCE Score:




Guardian's Occupation:

Casual Laborer

No. of Family Members:


"Dancing with Hope" tells the heartfelt story of Karuri Maureen Muthoni, a determined and passionate 15-year-old girl who triumphs over adversity through her love for education and dancing. Despite growing up in poverty, facing the loss of her mother, and witnessing her father's struggle with heart disease and brother's cancer, Karuri finds solace in her dreams and aspirations. Her unwavering spirit and the power of her art can propel her towards a brighter future if she gets a scholarship to pursue higher education. She is determined to give back to the community by helping others along the way. Their family income of less than $180 per month is not enough for basic necessities and medical expenses for her father and brother. Karuri has no hope of going to high school because of lack of money.

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