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2020 Initiatives

Infrastructure - New Kitchen, New Desks, Waitua

In the year 2020, we implemented the following projects:
• Construction of a permanent kitchen
• Installation of a modern cooking system
• Purchase of 100 desks
These projects have improved the learning environment in the school.

Food program - Waitua

In the year 2020, we implemented the school feeding program with 400 beneficiary children.

Mighty Mask Project - Atlanta

MightyMask Project was a grassroots project started in Atlanta to manufacture 3D-printed face masks to distribute to hospitals across the U.S. facing personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages amidst the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Started by Vajraang Kamat, a senior at Georgia Tech, this project gained momentum in just two weeks since it started. Once the masks came off the printer, a team of ten to fifteen volunteers spread across Atlanta worked non stop to cut filters to size, assemble masks, and bag them, to be shipped to hospitals in NY and GA.

Dinner program - Agape- Atlanta

During COVID, recognizing the need to support children locally, Every Child Counts supported The Compassion Kitchen Project to provide dinner for a period of time to students enrolled in the Agape Youth & Family Center. This program supported 250 students in Agape’s program that received a healthy dinner each day after school in connection with its after-school program.

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