2021 Initiatives


Kanjeru Primary School

- We are installing energy efficient cooking systems (jikos) to help them cook everyday meals for their students.
- We are repairing the kitchen’s leaky roof
- We are installing a water tank that will help them, store the necessary water needed every day.


Napara Primary School

We are building toilets in this school that has over 1000 students that currently have only one girl’s toilet and one boy’s toilet. The new set of toilets will allow for six girls’ toilets and six boys’ toilets.


Daily Mid Morning Snack and Lunch Program - Waitua Primary School, Kenya

- We plan to continue our initiative of feeding 100 of the neediest children their mid morning snack and a wholesome lunch. These are kids who would otherwise go hungry the whole day.
- We are providing sanitary napkins to girls who are not able to afford sanitary napkins and would otherwise face the possibility of having to miss school for a week each month during their period.


Infrastructure Program - St. Anne Kenol School

- We installed five 10,000 liter water tanks that will help them harvest rain water for everyday use.
- We hope to sponsor the school’s plan to dig a bore well so that the students and teachers can have access to a reliable source of water for their everyday use.


Snack Program - Atlanta Public Schools

We plan to continue providing snacks to the children in these schools. These schools do not qualify to be part of APS’s Title 1 Program, and so do not get federal funds for a snack program.

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