Our Mission

Fulfilled Children, Sustainable Destinies

Some of us are blessed to have nutritious food and a good education serve as the foundation of our lives – as they should be. The brutal reality though, is that these basic needs are actually a luxury to most children around the world. This reality is what we at Every Child Counts felt compelled to respond to – the situation that inspired us to give back, to pay it forward – and know that every act of kindness powered with purpose and determination will help provide these children with the essentials that will nourish and support them to help reach their full potential. It is with this purpose and this determination that Every Child Counts operates, adopting schools and helping gift little children the gift of good food, books and a conducive infrastructure at school to help them grow and blossom.


We have a three tier strategy to help us achieve this goal. The first tier addresses the most basic needs such as food, books and school supplies. The next tier focuses on infrastructure needs - building/enhancing the school kitchen, installing water tanks, upgrading desks, building/enhancing toilets and reinforcing the school structure itself. The third and final tier (this is aspirational) will focus on helping build a vibrant local community thriving through supporting the growth and expansion of the schools we adopt.

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