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Meet The Team

USA Team

Bindu Balakrishnan

Founder & CEO

Bindu has volunteered in not-for-profit organizations for the past 15 years. She is passionate about education and nutrition, the primary reason that propelled her to start Every Child Counts. What started initially as a small “homegrown initiative” has now blossomed into a multi-pronged non-profit supporting school in Africa and the US. Her last experience in the talent acquisition business and her broad volunteering experience spanning several years has channeled into the identification, selection, and execution of our programs and schools.

Kenya Team

Dr. Peter Kamau

Chairman, KMAP

Peter holds a PhD in Geography and Anthropology from Louisiana State University (USA). Peter is currently a Lecturer of Geography and Environmental Studies at Karatina University in Kenya. He worked with Kenya Wildlife Service as a warden in Kenya's national parks for ten years and has conducted research on elephants and forests for over eight years. Peter also works with local communities in Kenya on various issues ranging from education, conservation to social development. Owing to his own life experiences, Peter believes that education is the best tool for transforming society.

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