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Napara Primary School

Napara Primary school was started in 1952. It is located about 450km west of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. It is also 22km from Malaba town, the transborder town along Uganda and Kenya boundaries. By close of the year 2020, the school had a population of 1113 pupils. It is a boys and girls day school with 568 and 545 boys and girls respectively. The school is managed by the principal Mr Ernest and a school committee comprising teachers and parent representatives. The school  was facing several infrastructure challenges. The school had a few old and dilapidated pit toilets which needed to be replaced with modern toilets. The poor teenage girls in the school did not have enough sanitary towels and sometimes failed to go to school when they had their period.

We built toilets in this school that has over 1000 students that currently have only one girl’s toilet and one boy’s toilet. The new set of toilets will allow for six girls’ toilets and six boys’ toilets.

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