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Enhanced Feeding Program at Waitua Primary School, Kenya

To make the meals wholesome for the children, we have enhanced the feeding program at Waitua Primary School, Kenya.

Earlier for the morning snack, we used to provide a cup of porridge. Now we are providing an egg with a cup of porridge. Eggs contain various trace nutrients that are important for health and thus keep away diseases which keep children out of school.

Earlier for the lunch, we used to provide a plate of rice with beans or pigeon peas and vegetables. Now we are proving a plate of rice with beans or pigeon peas or black beans or lentils, vegetables (cabbage or kales) and fruits (bananas or oranges). Due to a variety of legumes, the lunch is more richer with iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc which all contribute to building and maintaining bone structure. The diet has more protein and fibre content and thus good for the overall health of the children. #wholesomemealatschool

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