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The Every Child Counts Scholarship Program

The Every Child Counts (ECC) scholarship program is a transformative initiative aimed at providing financial assistance to underprivileged pupils in Kenya, specifically targeting students enrolled in Waitua Primary and St Anne’s School in Murang’a County, Kanjeru Primary School in Kiambu County and Senior Chief Mutunkei Primary School in Kajiado County. These four schools are currently the focus of ECC in other programs including the school feeding program and improvement of school infrastructure program. Needy students from these four primary schools are supported to continue with their high school education. This program was established with the vision of ensuring that no child’s education is hindered by financial constraints and that every child, regardless of their background, has an equal opportunity to access quality education.

Through generous contributions from well-wishers, the program has been able to provide financial aid to 37 students from poor backgrounds across the four selected schools. This has enabled them to pursue their high school education without worrying about the burden of tuition fees, school supplies, and other related expenses. By addressing these financial barriers, the program has not only uplifted the lives of individual students but also contributed to improving the overall academic environment of the schools involved.

Due to the scholarship program, the beneficiaries have demonstrated remarkable improvements in their academic performance. Many beneficiaries have excelled in their studies and demonstrated their potential to become future leaders and contributors to society. By nurturing these bright minds, the program has sowed the seeds for positive change and progress in their respective communities and beyond.

It is our hope that the Every Child Counts Scholarship Program will get support from the local community, businesses, and other charitable organizations. Increased support and donations to the program will help expand its reach and provide more scholarships to other deserving students. Expanding the program's reach to cover more underprivileged areas remains a challenge due to resource constraints.

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