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Official Opening of the Kanjeru Special Needs Unit Block

We are happy to share with you a heartwarming milestone in our journey towards an inclusive future. On August 1, 2023 Every Child Counts CEO, Bindu Balakrishnan inaugurated the Special Needs Block at Kanjeru primary School Kiambu County. This is in indeed a momentous projedctthat will transform the lives of students who are abled differently. The decision to construct the special needs block was born out of a shared vision to create an educational environment that embraces every child, regardless of their individual challenges. We recognized that inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword but a powerful catalyst for positive change. Many children with disabilities in the community faced barriers to education hindering their growth and potential. We knew we had to act to break down these barriers and empower every child to thrive.

The impact of the special needs block on the students at Kanjeru Primary School has been nothing short of remarkable. With specialized facilities and resources, the block caters to the unique needs of each child, ensuring no one is left behind. The building is wheelchair accessible and the classrooms are equipped with resources i.e. dormitory, washrooms and bathrooms, therapy spaces and customized learning materials that have been incorporated to create an environment that fosters growth, independence and self confidence in every pupil.

The inauguration of the special needs block has touched the entire community. Parents of the students with special needs expressed immense gratitude for the opportunities their children now have access to. The joy and hope we witnessed during the ceremony were unparalleled, and it has inspired us to do even more.

The journey towards inclusivity has been a collective effort. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our donors, both local and international community who embraced our vision and worked tirelessly to make it a reality. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we reaffirm our commitment to ensure that “Every Child Counts” is more than just a name. It is a guiding principle that drives our mission to break barriers and transform lives. With the support of our incredible community, we will continue to thrive for an inclusive world where every child has an equal opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. Together we are building a brighter future for the next generation.

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