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Waitua Primary School

Waitua Primary School

Waitua Primary School is located near Kaha-ini Shopping Centre in Kandara Sub-County, Murangá County of Kenya. The school started in 1972 as an Early Childhood Centre and was later expanded to a public primary school in 1985. Currently, the school has an enrollment of 550 pupils predominantly from the neighboring villages. Majority of the children in the school come from needy families who cannot afford three meals.

In the year 2023, ECC has prioritized the following projects:

Daily Lunch Programme in Waitua

The Daily Lunch Programme in Waitua Primary School was started in 2019 to ensure that the needy children do not spend a school day hungry. Since the project started, the academic performance of the school has improved. In 2020, ECC supported the school to construct a modern kitchen which has been fitted with energy saving stoves. The lunch programme has been benefiting 150 pupils from needy families. Each school day, the needy school children are provided with porridge and an egg at 10 am. During lunch, the children are given a plate of rice with beans or ndengu (green grams) and a fruit.

School Infrastructure - Toilet Construction

The school has a shortage of toilets. The available toilets in the school are dilapidated and are posing a health risk to the school community. The school intends to build two blocks of toilets, one for boys and another for girls. The toilets will be made of concrete blocks and a tiled floor. The roof will have gutters to collect water.

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