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SUNY, Downstate NY
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MightyMask Project is a grassroots project started in Atlanta to manufacture 3D-printed face masks to distribute to hospitals across the U.S. facing personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages amidst the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Started by Vajraang Kamat, a senior at Georgia Tech, this project has gained momentum in just two weeks since it has started. Once the masks come off the printer, a team of ten to fifteen volunteers spread across Atlanta work non stop to cut filters to size, assemble masks, and bag them, to be shipped to hospitals in NY and GA.

The Story

All this started around the 1st of April when Vajraang started to speak with his parents wondering how he could be of help to the healthcare community on the frontlines of this fight. When he looked online, he came across a website that explained how to 3D print masks at home, and thought this may be worth exploring. Armed with his experience of working with 3D printers at GT and of having worked in GeorgiaTech Motor Sports helping build sports cars, Vajraang drew up a plan to experiment with making masks at home. 

The Start

He bought a used 3D printer on Facebook Marketplace that same evening. Along with a friend, he worked overnight to design and print the first mask, which he tweaked over the next couple of days with inputs from his parents' doctor friends. That Friday, his father and he went to the Micro Center near their home and bought 10 unassembled 3D printers.

Assembling The Printers

The weekend was spent in assembling the printers, prepping the basement to make space for production

Printing The First Mask Shell

By Sunday evening, all the printers were printing mask shells.

The First Milestone

On Wednesday, April 8th, the MightyMask team made their first shipment of 25 masks to SUNY Downstate Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.

The Second Milestone

The next day, the second shipment was made. On Saturday, April 11th, their 3rd and 4th shipment of masks left for NY. 

The Doctors' Feedback

The doctors that received the first batch of masks at SUNY shared their feedback. They were grateful for even these homemade masks because they had been wearing the same surgical mask for a week each by then! The PPE shortage was much more severe than anticipated. The team was inspired by the feedback.

The Team

The core Every Child Counts team of Prayma Letchumanan, Sradha Khuntia, Partha Sarathi Patra, Bindu Balakrishnan and Samir Kamat have grown to include their whole families, Chandan and Chetan Hebbale, Dr. Nalini Kataria, a dentist in Marrietta, a team of volunteers from Chinmaya Mission Atlanta, Bindu and Prayma's friends and a team of Samir Kamat's colleagues at KPMG.

The Goal

To produce as many masks as possible. Production and assembly of these masks are being done free-of-cost with this volunteer team. Your contributions will help them purchase the materials needed to produce the masks. 

Mighty Volunteers


We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization EIN 36-4895722. All the contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contribution.

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