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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

We support needy children who are in schools that are not a part of the Title 1 Program and cannot afford to get snacks from home.

Currently following are the schools we work with:

- Morris Brandon Elementary

- Morningside Elementary

- Sarah Smith Elementary

Please check how you can contribute.

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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

We support St. Anne's Primary School near Nairobi by providing textbooks and school supplies and ongoing and new projects to improve infrastructure and help provide the children and teachers with the immediate support they need to help them study and grow.

St Anne's Primary School is located at Kenol town of Murang’a County Kenya. It was established in 2010. The School is run by the Community Initiative for Self Empowerment, a non-profit making organization. The Principal for St Anne Kenol School is Anne Nyambura. The school has both primary and secondary school which share a compound. The total enrollment in the school is 360. The school has both day scholars and boarders.

Challenges at St Anne School:

- The school does not have a reliable source of water.

- The school require a modern kitchen.

Currently, water is being transported to the school on the backs of donkeys every day. This is an excruciatingly difficult task and expensive as well. The school wants to dig a bore well to make it sustainable. Our stretch goal is to support them financially to dig a borewell.

Please check how you can contribute.

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  • Writer's pictureEvery Child Counts

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

We support Waitua Primary School by feeding 400 children their midday meal. In year 2020, we implemented the following projects:

• Construction of a permanent kitchen

• Installation of a modern cooking system

• Purchase of 100 desks

These projects have improved the learning environment in the school.

Waitua Primary School started in 1972 as an Early Childhood Centre and was later expanded to a public primary school in 1985. It is located near Kaha-ini Shopping Centre in Kandara Sub-County, Murangá County of Kenya. Currently, the school has an enrollment of 550 pupils mostly from the neighboring villages. The school does not have a boarding facility and all the pupils are day scholars.

Please check how you can contribute.

Majority of parents are casual laborers in the neighboring coffee plantations and therefore lack resources to adequately provide the basic needs for their children.

Being a public school, Waitua is under the Ministry of Education. The government is responsible for providing teachers to the school. Currently, the current school Principal is Mr. Modesto Mungai who runs the school with the support of the school management committee comprising of parents.

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